January 26, 2023

Diet and Workout Tips To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass on a lean body is a great way to become fit and look athletic. Lean means free from fat or low fat. So if you want to build lean muscle, your diet and workout for muscle gains must address any circumstance that potentially could cause excess fat storage. So having a program that will allow you to get the right results is very important for success in making lean muscle gains.

Eat properly

Eating a lot will help you gain mass quickly, but it’s important to remember that you want to avoid gaining excess fat in the process. The recommended calorie intake is 18 calories per pound of your body weight if you want to gain muscle mass without gaining excess fat. The total that you get will be high enough to create a calorie surplus which is a fundamental requirement but not too high to lead to excess fat gain.

You would also want to consider your body type and plan your muscle-building nutrition to address its characteristics. It will also help to balance your macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fat properly to fit your body type instead of using a generic macronutrient ratio.

You can get your daily nutrients in the number of meals per day that fit your preference, but it’s essential always to keep your calorie and macronutrient intake at the right level. And you also must have a good pre and post-workout meal.

Eat after workouts

The most important meal should be right after your workout. You want to get a quick digesting protein and carbohydrate source for nutrients into your body as soon as possible after your workout session is over.

Your muscles will absorb more of the nutrients than average in this period. This will help your muscles recover faster and support you while you lift during your upcoming workouts. You’ll need to avoid any fat intake during this post-workout meal because it will slow down the absorption of the nutrients into your bloodstream.

Eat muscle gain supplements

Apart from consuming a large amount of quick-digesting carbs and protein after your workout session, you also have to start your day with a good amount of calories and protein. However, you will need to consume fewer calories and protein for other meals during the day. Also, ensure your blood sugar level is appropriately balanced throughout the day by eating fibrous and starchy carbs and healthy fats in each meal.

As for your workouts, When you are weight training for muscle mass, you must train for volume, and you must keep your reps in the 6-12 range for the most part. So to gain muscle mass, you want to get stronger and more proficient in the 6-12 reps range. Lower reps below 6 are good for getting gaining strength only. But it would help if you switched to this rep range only after achieving the muscle mass you desire.