January 26, 2023

Flatbed Tarps: Frequently Asked Questions

Flatbed Tarps

Here are the answers to all of your queries regarding utilizing a flatbed tarp:

What materials are flatbed tarps made of?

The bulk of flatbed tarps are made of PVC-coated polyester. Many of them are also made of heavy-duty vinyl material.

Tarps for flatbed trucks come in a range of sizes, weights, and forms. It all depends on what kind of flatbed tarp you require. Light weight lumber tarps are made of lightweight polyester and are available in a two-piece or three-piece sizes.

Are Flatbed Tarps Sewn?

The double-lock hem technique is used to fully sew flatbed tarps. They normally have #207 bonded thread that is extremely difficult to remove. To provide the greatest security, heavy-set flatbed tarps are frequently welded.

A stitched-on end flap is included with flatbed lumber tarps. These tarps often feature brass grommets every 24 inches along the bottom margins. In addition, each side is hemmed with double D-ring rows.

What exactly are hybrid tarps?

Heavy-duty 14oz or 10oz vinyl cloth is combined with lightweight 60oz textiles to create hybrid tarps. This combination increases the endurance of your tarps while also allowing you to cover odd-shaped goods.

Are Lumber Traps Divided into Subtypes?

There are five varieties of lumber flatbed tarps, which include the following:

Lumber Tarp: This tarp is made of 6oz nylon cloth. It’s very light, and excessive exposure to dust, water, and wind might cause tears.

Heavy Duty Lumber Tarp: These are made entirely of vinyl material. They are more robust and long-lasting than lightweight alternatives.

Heavy-Duty Three-Piece Lumber Tarp: Made primarily of a vinyl cloth, this tarp has one overlapping flap and two flaps for enhanced cargo security.

(24 x 18) A heavy-duty lumber tarp is a standard-sized vinyl cloth that is commonly used for larger flatbed vehicles.

The lightest sort of lumber tarp is the super light lumber tarp. It is made of 6oz lightweight nylon fabric, which is similar to parachute material.

How Much Do Lumber Tarps Weigh?

The principal production material determines the weight of your lumber tarps. Flatbed tarps are available in either lightweight 6oz cloth or heavy-duty 14oz fabric.

Lightweight flatbed tarps clearly weigh less, with the actual weight ranging from 65 to 75 pounds. The heavier tarps, on the other hand, range in weight from 90 to 215 pounds, depending on size and the inclusion of a flap.

Are Tarps Water Resistant?

There is no such thing as a completely waterproof flatbed tarp. While certain flatbed tarps are water-resistant, prolonged contact with water can compromise the tarp’s integrity.

What exactly are D-Rings?

We used the word “D-rings” several times in this blog. That’s because they’re crucial to the way flatbed tarps work. D-rings are rings through which ropes may be threaded to secure the tarp.

The number of D-rings on your flatbed tarp should be determined by the sort of material you’re transporting. If the cargo requires it, you may always request an extra row of D-rings on your tarp. D-rings have a triangular form and are frequently sewn around high-strain spots on a tarp. This purposeful location enables the control of equal load and stress.

How Should Flatbed Tarps Be Maintained?

The quality and feel of your flatbed tarp influence its maintenance. For example, you may use AA-66 adhesive to weld and repair tears in the 10z or 14-oz vinyl cloth tarp. This glue, on the other hand, will harm the lightweight 6oz flatbed tarp. Before attempting to repair lighter flatbed tarps, speak with a professional repairer.

Last Thoughts

We’ve published an extensive A-Z guide to flatbed tarps above. We discuss the many sorts of tarps and when they should be used. We’ve also spoken about how to keep your flatbed tarp in good condition so it lasts longer.

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