December 4, 2022

How Do I Get Rid Of A Sore Inside My Nose That Do Not Heal On Its Own

How do I get rid of a sore inside my nose

Frequently asked question on the internet includes “How do I get rid of a sore inside my nose”? There are many reasons for a sore nose. They can be very uncomfortable. These sores can also be an indicator of any underlying health issue. These sores can develop on the skin of the nose or inside the nose. If you are looking for treatment options for nose sores, read this article till the end. 

Nose Sores

Sores inside the nose can be because of multiple reasons. Any injury or trauma to the delicate skin of the nose can cause sores. The supply of blood to the nose can be affected because of these injuries. These factors can lead to scabs as well. Scabs in the nose are the dead hard masses of dust particles trapped in the nose. They may contain blood as well.  

Causes Of Nose Sores

There are numerous causes of nose sores. Some common causes of nose sores are given below.


The most common reason for these sores is trauma. The nose is a fragile structure, and any injury to it can easily lead to trauma. The delicate vessels in the nose rupture and lead to bleeding. It can also occur in people who have a habit of picking their noses. This leads to the formation of scars as well. It can irritate or break the skin.  


If you have any ongoing infection in the nose, make sure to consult a doctor. Do not pluck the hair of the nose to see the infection or touch it. It can also initiate the formation of nose scabs. People who have nose piercings are prone to that attack these infections. It is common that they suffer from nose sores because of their piercings.


It is another common cause for the formation of nose sores. In this disease, the blood vessels of any part of your body start to get inflamed. This prevents the supply of blood and nutrients to blood vessels. When this happens in the nose or areas near the nose, it causes the formation of nose sores. If this is the reason for the nose sore, you will also experience muscle pain near the nose, loss of appetite, weakness, and headache. If you are experiencing any of such symptoms, you need to seek immediate medical help.


If you have a persistent stuffy nose with a sore that does not go away, it can be due to nasal cancer. People also complain about runny noses for a long time and blockage of the nose from one side. If you get teary eyes and you are experiencing partial loss of vision, this can be nasal cancer.

Treatments Of Nose Sores

If there is no reason behind the sore, it will go away in few days or so. But if you have any of the above-mentioned causes, you need to treat them first. It is important not to touch your nose scab at all. It will worsen the condition and will lead to the formation of other scabs as well. If you have a bacterial infection, doctors will suggest antibiotics. If the cause is injury or trauma, it will heal after completing its course. For cancers, the possible treatment options include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

Home Remedies

If your nose sores are not serious, you can treat them at home as well. You can take long breathes in a steamer to open the block sinuses. This will help in the release of the trapped mucus. If you have petroleum jelly available, you can apply it to the nose. It will help in giving a soothing effect. Try to avoid rubbing or scratching the area.

The answer of ‘How do I get rid of a sore inside my nose?’ depends upon the causes. If the nose sore is because of any serious condition, you have to visit a doctor. Over-the-counter medication for pain and not rubbing or picking the nose can help. Taking antibiotics will help to reduce the sores if they are caused by any bacterial infection. You can use petroleum jelly on the nose to have some relief.