January 26, 2023

How to improve the security of your second residence?

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It does not fail: the list of municipalities with the highest probability of home robberies is located on the coast. Chance? Not much less. Although incidents continue to occur in Tampa and other inland cities, the main interest of criminals is now more than ever in second homes. Those homes that previously spent most of the year empty now have superior guarantees of being empty.

Thieves, who have always made avoiding tenants their top priority, see those houses on the beach or in town as perfect targets for their thefts. They are usually homes with little or no protection, in areas with little traffic and no security systems.

It is not surprising that the list of municipalities hit by the most severe thefts is made up mostly of locations near the coast or large cities along with it—just the towns where we usually have more second homes.

It’s not crazy to say that you should start worrying about their safety if you have a second home on the beach. Of course, the chances of theft are consistently low, but as long as they exist, the need for preventive measures will prevail.

Fortunately, most strategies do not require a significant outlay of money. And those that do require it are linked to undeniable profitability in the medium and long term. This is precisely what the article you are reading is about. So, how to protect the second residence?

Establish a plan for regular visits

Logically it is not possible in all cases, but we must try to carry it out whenever it is a logical option. Establish a plan of periodic visits to the second residence, especially if it is less than 200 kilometers away from your home.

You can go once every three or four weeks to check that everything is in order, and above all, to let the possible thief who is watching the property know that you can appear there at any time.

What if your second residence is on the beach? In that case, it is advisable to lean on the local neighborhood network. Again, you delegate the task to one of the most trusted tenants who live permanently in the place.

What if I rent the second residence?

It is an alternative that can be interesting in some instances. However, the rental option supposes almost absolute security against theft to protect the second residence. Why then is it not always recommended?

Well, because managing the day-to-day with the renter when we live hundreds of kilometers from the house can be a real headache. Of course, it would be another matter with relatives nearby, but without a support network, it almost only adds more problems than it solves.

1.   Install a good lock

A lever and a little force are enough to burst any door. Thieves are aware that these security systems do not have the same quality or resistance as in regular homes in second homes. Try to get them out of the error with a good investment.

It doesn’t have to be the best lock on the market, but it must be up to date with the latest technologies available. For example, some smart models work linked to home automation and can be controlled even by mobile. The point is to make it difficult for the offender.

2.   Reinforce the windows of your second residence

According to available data, 6 out of 10 home burglaries in Spain occur through windows. Imagine this statistic applied to second homes: an absolute disaster. But beware because there is a solution.

The level of security to apply will depend on the available budget. The most economical alternative goes through deadbolts, key handles, sliding door locks, and window alarms. Always accompany it with anti-theft glass, reinforced for such issues. Consider a self-locking shutter.

3.   Bet on a smart video door entry system

Imagine communicating directly with your second residents when they ring the doorbell. It is just one of the many possibilities that smart video door entry systems offer. Then, you take your mobile or tablet and solve the possible theft situation.

By having permanent surveillance on the home entrance, this type of device fulfills the same function as the video surveillance systems. The point is that you have updated graphic resources in real-time to know if they are finding the property.

4.   Be very careful with advertising.

We refer to what you post on social networks and the Internet. Although we usually think of squatters when we talk about the clues we leave on the web, this advice is also valid to stop thieves and protect the second home.

If you are thinking of renting it, try to find tenants without publishing the property on specialized portals; that is one of the most important sources of information for criminals. That you are simply in the second vacation home? Beware of announcing it by calling it as such in your profiles.

5.   Strengthen your second residence with a good armored door

More of the same. Changing the lock and the windows will be useless if you do not accompany it with an excellent armored door. We know that it is a significant investment, but this front represents one of the main weak points of the second home.

Not to mention the solid shield that protects the lock, the bolts that prevent the door from being removed, and the screws with inviolable heads designed to reinforce security. They are uncomfortable for everyday use but very effective in protecting the security of your second home.

6.   Install an alarm in your second residence

What’s the point of worrying about the physical elements of the second residence if we don’t think about the break-in afterward? In other words, it makes no sense to protect doors and windows without having a security alarm inside.

You must consult with a certified locksmith company in Tampa. Specific security kits, video surveillance cameras, and motion detectors will allow you to maintain specific security over the property even if you are not in it for many months.

In these cases, you are interested in an alarm connected to central that can put the police into action without the need to intervene. The professionals will coordinate the action while you remain attentive to communications by telephone or Internet.

There are no certainties in the world of security, but all these measures will bring you a little closer to complete protection.

Let Locksmith Tampa be your main ally to care for what matters most to you. That oversight does not make you face high investments to cover damages.