January 26, 2023

Importance Of Applique Emberiodary

Applique Emberiodary

When you listen to the word appliqué embroidery the question may arise in your mind that what is appliqué embroidery actually is?

For those who are still unaware of it the answer to this question is it is the needlework in which different kind of patches and embroider pieces is made. They may be design things like ribbons, bead sequins and cords, etc. appliqué is a piece of clay that is added to the base of the cloth to make it more beautiful.

The pieces can be attached to the cloth by 2 different stitches that are

  • Satin stitch.

This stitch is referring to flat stitches that use to cover the background of the fabric.

  • Straight stitch.

The straight stitch is a fundamental type of embroidery technique that use individually. They may create different groups of varieties of designs. Straight or flat stitch is simple embroidery.

Why appliqué embroidery used?

The appliqué embroidery is used for the making of quilts usually. But it can also be used for the fine piece making of embroidery and it is one of the most finely done in nowadays. Everyone loves the embroidery pieces they customize according to their need. Appliqué digitizing can be done in any pattern and design.

Appliqué patches are one of the famous and eye-catching products. People order different embroidery digitizing designs for kids and families. It can easily be used for decorating household things also.


A person actually wants to know the benefits of the appliqué digitizing and here is the answer to it the benefits of appliqué digitizing is discussed below:

  • Quit turn around.
  • Best in quality.
  • All formats are available and customized according to your need.
  • You can get different texture and prints according to your need.


The amount or cost to digitize a logo is usually determined by the color changes in the thread and the stitch number needed for logo embroidery. The cost is usually between $10-$40. It may be as low as $10 dollars and can go up to $60-$70


  • The amount of detail in the design or image
  • The number of thread colors used for the design
  • The fabric material on which you want to embroider a logo
  • The total number of items you want your designs to be digitized
  • The amount that is spent on buying the embroidery Merchandise
  • The choice of embroidery designs and the material of fabric you have chosen