December 3, 2022

Machine Learning As The First Line Of Defense To Counter The Covid-19 Pandemic

Machine Learning

The state of the current pandemic that we are in suggests. The fight against the virus will continue for quite some time now. It is beyond doubt that the covid-19 pandemic has raised fundamental questions on healthcare infrastructure. Our technology is ready to deal with any contingency situation. The pandemic has forced us to rethink our capabilities to deal with future pandemics. There are a lot of functional areas where we can invest to deal with the pandemic.

Machine learning to counter the pandemic

Machine learning helps in many ways to deal with various facets of the pandemic. The diagnostics of patients becomes easier when we employ machine learning techniques. Besides this, machine learning also helps in faster drug discovery and other medication processes. It needs to be noted at this point in time that there are many drugs that can be administered symptomatically. The availability of many drugs often puts doctors in a dilemma regarding the choice of medicines.

Various machine learning algorithms can hierarchically rank the medicines based on their effectiveness towards a particular disease. At the genetic level, machine learning techniques like deep learning can enable us to understand. The molecular structure of the coronavirus is a better way. All this calls for know-how about machine learning techniques, especially in the medical fraternity. To be precise a certificate in machine learning can further reskill our doctors. And other medical professionals, giving them a much-awaited surgical precision. 

The use cases of machine learning 

The techniques of machine learning are helpful in identifying the risk level. Even categorizing patients so that diagnosis becomes easier. Machine learning techniques help in the identification of infection risk which gives the percentage. Which a specific segment of a population can contract the virus. Machine learning techniques also help in predicting the risk of severity. This gives the extent of deterioration of the condition of a patient when he contracts the virus. Finally, machine learning also helps in predicting the outcome risk.

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The way ahead 

Someone can also harness machine learning techniques to prevent the spread of infection in the first place itself. By identifying various types of risk factors based on age, social distancing, sanitation, hygiene, location, and population. We can take certain types of precautionary measures at an early stage. To conclude, machine learning can help us at all three important levels for countering not only the present pandemic. But any other pandemic that we may have to face soon.