August 8, 2022

Preparing for GATE 2023? Check GATE Previous Year Question Paper

Gate exam

As a GATE candidate, you must have a strategy to prepare for it. GATE or General Aptitude Test for Engineering examination is one of the most sought-after exams, and it needs strict practice and commitment to crack it with flying colours. Sure, you can create a timetable and study beforehand according to it, but dwelling on the books won’t help you alone. If you start referring to the previous year question paper, then you will get to discover all the aspects of preparation that may be new.

For starters, you may never realise the challenges that you might face when trying to maintain the pace in the exam until you refer to the previous year’s question papers. So it doesn’t matter how hard you prepare yourself and study- you must include past years’ question papers into your preparation strategies. You will always know the nature and patterns of the questions being asked, which areas are the most important, which topics fall under MCQs, what kinds of questions are covered from individual units, which unit you must invest more time preparing in, and many more. In this article, we will dive deeper into the importance of solving previous years question papers for GATE 2023. Read ahead to know more.

Importance of GATE Previous Year Question Paper

Question papers alone won’t help you with preparations, other than the syllabus. You also have to look into the mock tests, sample papers, etc. But you cannot randomly start solving such papers without you checking the GATE previous year question paper first. Here are some of the prominent reasons why:

  • Gauge Exam Pattern: understanding exam patterns is one of the key ways of cracking GATE. Information about the syllabus and topics involved can be gathered easily. And a few things like the weight of marks can also be determined when you solve these papers. It will help you draft your preparation strategy.
  • Know the pattern of question paper: Detailed understanding of nature, type, and format of the questions asked in the GATE exam can be known. The level of complexity is also comprehended particularly for different sections. Once you know the question’s nature and format, it will take less time to finish the actual question paper in the exam.
  • Discover missed/latest topics: It becomes very crucial for general aptitude as well as subjects that revolve around the latest tech. You cannot play around with outdated info regarding your primary subjects. You will get an idea about the trending topics in the past few years. Thus, you can focus on those topics during the preparation phase the most. They will act as a blueprint.
  • Checking solved papers: Also check previous years solved question papers. Including these paper sets in your study routine with a detailed explanation will help comprehend the conceptual aspect. It will, as a result, help to answer many similar questions. You would know what kinds of answers are the most accepted.
  • Developing preparation strategy: Solving GATE previous years question papers will help you develop a preparation strategy that not only aligns with your syllabus but also concerns topics that you must focus on the most. Instead of diving deeper into concepts that look difficult and may not even appear in the exam, try focusing on the topics that weigh the most. Point out the weak areas and implement the required changes in your preparation process.
  • Revision of topics: Once you are done preparing for your exam, there’s no better way of revising the topics than solving an actual question paper that appeared in one of the recent years. This way, you can be sure of your preparation level, identify the areas that need better revision, and build a confident mindset. You will also notice that many questions are repeated by moulding or rephrasing. Try to identify and solve such questions carefully, and you will be able to answer them in less time in the actual exam. Tricky questions won’t look too tricky.
  • A reliable measure of self-assessment: Self-assessment is an important part of GATE preparation. You will not only get an idea of your level of preparation, but you will also make mistakes and learn from them. Analyse these errors and redefine your preparation strategy. It will definitely help you perform better in the actual GATE exams.

Are you a GATE aspirant? Then we hope this article was helpful. Follow a proper routine and develop a step-wise timetable to cover all the portions of your syllabus- both easy and difficult. There’s still a lot of time for GATE 2023, and you can definitely crack it if you start preparing NOW!!! Good luck with the preparations.