October 23, 2021

This is all about toilet suites in the UK market

Toilet Suite

With introducing new technology and rising consumer demand, toilet suites are becoming more flexible and practical. They are available in a variety of types, colours, and prices. More commonly, these elements do not measure the consistency and efficiency of a toilet. This article will direct the selection of the right toilet bowl for homes or companies. 

The recommended features for toilet suite

Purchase the water preserving toilet suite. New toilets must now limit to less than 1,6 gallons per flush by the US federal rule. For example, the purchasing of I prefer a newer say model for a rear flush toilet, which uses only 1 gallon of water per flush than for a toilet which flushes in one set 3-7 gallons of water. 

  • Assess the flush gravity mechanism of the toilet. The toilets that use the conventional flushing method typically use the weight of the water to create the required flushing pressure. Owing to water limits, this is more likely to be blocked.
  • Find a bathroom with a flush system. Toilets with pressurized flush systems use pressure to push water into the bowl instead of water. It thus saved more water than traditional toilets. 
  • Decide if you want a 1-piece or a 2-piece toilet. A one-piece or two-piece rear flush toilet comes with it. The machine is more comfortable since the tank and the bowl are just put in one unit. The two-piece bathroom on the other hand has a distance between the bowl and the tank. Although costing less is more likely, the one-piece toilet is difficult to clean and maintain. 
  • The bowls of the toilet suites comprise various components. Some are round, others may be contoured or coated. Toilet versions are also available that are also heated for added convenience. In the meantime, alternative forms feature automatic flush triggers.


Consider the ease of cleaning while searching for your next toilet. With its straight, tidy lines, wall-facing suites are easy to manage. The toilets facing the wall are also flush, whilst the linking and closing coupled suites have an interface between the pan and the back wall. The effect is a repetitive purification of the dust and debris in the space around the outlet pipe and the back of the bowl. The distribution of water around the pot when the toilet is flushed is an additional practical factor. To search, your hand can operate the inside lip of the toilet pan (I highly suggest that you do so on the show model alone!). If you feel trousers around the rim known as the “Boxed Rim,” it shows that someone spread uniformly the water around the pot, making it smoother and thorough. Additional characteristics include a quiet flushing system and a Teflon coated cup to avoid bleaching and ensure quick cleaning.

Plumbing & Versatility

Wall toilet suites are more suitable for different plumbing options, particularly when they can relate to either a P-Trap or S-Trap. This can be helpful when replacing an old toilet, as most of the toilets facing the wall have a flexible bend so that the tube can adapt to various sizes and accessories. You often need to specify where the plumbing is with a connection or a Close-Matched Suite because they are normally less adaptable. 

Toilet suites in the UK

Everyone wants to prevent renovation hiccups, so I recommend that you be confident that you know your needs for plumbing. The key thing to look for is whether the panel’s outlet attaches to the panel’s side (p-trapping) or the floor (s-trapping) and the dimensions of the pipe’s wall to its centre. Speak to your plumber about these technical aspects if you are confused about the value of ensuring the correct data.