December 6, 2022

What Do I Prefer: Yoga or Meditation?

Yoga or Meditation

Yoga or meditation – the most common yet difficult question asked by most fitness freaks. I find it weary to explain which one is better. However, there are ample ways through which you can make a healthy decision.

The easiest way to pick one of these is to understand their difference. 


Important Details about Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a Sanskrit terminology, which explains the spiritual connection between the mind and soul. Often, people practice yoga to relieve stress and relax their bodies. It consists of different exercises and postures to promote physical and mental health.

These include Yama (Self conduct), Niyama (Social conduct), Asana (Physical strength), Pranayama (Breath-control), Pratyahara (Restraining senses), Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (Intense concentration).

Basic yoga requires a good-quality mat to prevent injuries. Always invest in a good-quality yoga mat to start practicing. Beginners can invest in a branded mat and get familiar with the basic postures. For more, use the DealMeCoupon and save on branded yoga mats. Also, you can buy respective clothing for easy practice.

Meditation (Dhyana), on the other hand, is a part of yoga. It completely revolves around your thoughts and focus. You meditate only to sit quietly at one spot and observe your environment. Because it is a workout for your mind, no physical activity is concerned.

Most people practice this after yoga. It helps to bring peace and relaxation to the mind.


The Common Attributes of Yoga and Meditation

The basic resemblance between these two practices is mindfulness. You can practice yoga or meditation to keep your mind strong. Also, these can relieve stress from your life and bring peace.

According to experts, both yoga and meditation can support your well-being. They have plenty of common benefits that you can attain easily. 

Yoga, for instance, adds these to your list:

  • Enhance your energy level
  • Makes you flexible enough to prevent injuries
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Relieve stress
  • Strengthens your body and muscles
  • Provides a peaceful slumber

Likewise, meditation is responsible for these:

  • Eliminates stress
  • Makes you creative
  • Teaches self-awareness
  • Boosts your attention span
  • Teach emotional and self-control
  • Provides a better perspective of a situation
  • Combat aging and related brain ailments

For these benefits, it is better to practice both. Yoga and meditation together make a great combination, according to experts.


Which One to Prefer – Yoga or Meditation?

The race between yoga and meditation is never-ending. Both these practices have their restrictions and limitation too. You cannot always practice yoga. Doctors strictly recommend stopping yoga during some ailments and medical conditions.

Likewise, some people are bad at meditating. These individuals always prefer exercising. You cannot practice yoga on an empty stomach and eat instantly after it.

Also, people differentiate yoga and meditation in terms of physical and mental involvement. It is why you cannot prefer one over another.

The easiest way to choose between the two is by practicing both at the start. Evaluate the effects of both on yourself. Pick the one that suits you more!