January 25, 2023

Some Creative Custom Packaging Boxes ideas for your Gifts

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A gift is the symbol of love and affection. It strengthens our bond with our loved ones.  You know quite well how you feel when you get a gift from your spouse, sibling or best friend. You reciprocate the giver the same of love and gratitude for him or her.  But when you are giving gift to your beloved, you feel another level of excitement that you can’t even express in words.

However, you must be careful enough about the fact that something sweet must also look sweet. So it is very important to reflect your gift through its cute packing style.  That’s why the decent packing of your gift is an essential tradition of gift giving. If you don’t have custom packaging boxes to keep your gift, then don’t worry. There are so many packaging ideas that you can use to pack the gift you are going to give to your loved one.

 Some Top Creative DIY Wrapping Ideas for your Gift

There are loads of exciting wrapping ideas to wrap your gifts at home. We have got these ideas for everyone who is reading this blog. So here are some simple and easier gift packing ideas that you can use for your present

Use Colorful Ribbons

It is the easiest and yet the beautiful way to wrap your gift product. You can buy them online. There are endless choices of colors and patterns of ribbons. You can enhance the beauty of your gift by tying the ribbon on it. You can also make the bow of the ribbon around your gift. There are various scintillating ribbons available for you. But it is highly recommended to use the red ribbon to pack your gifts. Red is the color of love, and affection. It’s a color of the heart. The red ribbon would surely add on immense love in the heart of your friend.

Use different Wrapping Papers

You can use colorful wrapping papers at home to wrap your gift for your loved one. There are so many gleaming wrapping papers available at online stores. You can also consider the eye-catching poinsettia wrapping paper available at online store. They are available in several colors and designs. Browse over the online stores and select the poinsettia paper that perfectly suits you. Just a colorful wrapping paper would be enough to reflect the beauty of your gift.

Wrap the gifts with paper shopping bags

You can make your own wrapping paper from a material you have at home, such as paper shopping bags. Pack your gift in the paper shopping bag and wrap the colorful ribbon around it. Your gift will look amazing. You can also buy the bags from store that have the holiday pattern or birthday messages printed on them. It will be another easier option indeed.

Use the Tea Towel Wrap

Didn’t know it before? Yes. It is another eco-friendly and inexpensive wrapping option for your gift.  You can get a good quality fabric wraps of favorite designs, from online stores. It doesn’t take so long to hem the edges of the cloth. This is a large, square shaped and a thin fabric that can be molded in any way to wrap your gifts. You can use colorful yarns or ribbons around the tea towel wrap to pack your gifts.

Use Color Creativity

If you are a crafty minded self, then do apply your creativity on a cardboard construction paper. Take a colorful cardboard paper. Cut it to make the shape of the bow. Paste it to your gift just and give it to your loved one. It would be less time consuming and appealing for the recipient.  You can also paste some colorful sprinkles around the edges of the bow to make it more eye-catching for your loved one.

If you are good at drawing and painting, you can polish your talent by painting your own creative designs on a simple, sleek wrapping paper. You can draw some appealing flower patterns on the wrapping sheets and pack your gift with it. Add on some artistic touch to beautify your present even more than you have ever imagined.

Origami Bows

Have you bought your gift in urgency? Don’t you have time to wrap your friend’s gift? Take a colorful origami bow.  Paste it on the gift box. And you are done. You can buy them from online store in bulks. The origami bows can also be created at home by origami papers. Take Origami paper, cut and shape it in the form of a bow. It’s ready. You can also paste it on Christmas tree, or paste them on the wall to add colors in your room.

Use Polka Dot Designs

Want to do some simplistic creativity with your gift? Then try out some decent polka dot design. For this use a multicolored craft paper and cut it in circles or dots. This would surely enhance the elegance of your gift. Your friend would surely be thrilled to see your decent gifting way.

Use Paper Straw Star Gift Toppers

Buy these small starlets in bulk from online stores. If you are too short of time to wrap the present for your best friend, then just take the colorful paper straw star gift toppers. Just paste it on your gift and hand it over to your bestie.

Use the tag

Take a ribbon or a string and wrap it around your present. Then add a gold foil tag at the edge of your gift. It would look really decent and professional.

Yarn Pom-poms

Wrap your gift with a colored yarn or a string. Tie one end of the string with a pom-pom. Choose different colors of strings and pom-poms. Make it on your own if you have time. If not, then you can buy them from online store.

Cotton Swab Snowflake

Open your cupboard, take out the cotton swab. Arrange cotton swabs in the form of a snowflake and attach on any wrapping paper. It will be the easiest way to make your gift look more beautiful.