December 3, 2022

Why craft Paper Packaging Is the Top Choice for Pre-Rolls?

Kraft packaging

Craft paper is one of the most commonly used materials in packaging pre-rolls because of its strength, resistance to moisture, and transparency.
A natural brown craft box provides ample room for any branding on your pre-roll packaging while at the same time offering superior protection for your product.
But why use craft Paper Packaging as custom pre roll packaging? Here are some reasons why this type of packaging is at the top choice for pre-rolls:

1. Strength:

A craft paper box provides enough strength to contain your product without being too bulky or heavy. The material also has a high tear resistance, making breakage difficult to occur during shipping or while stored on retail shelves.

2. Transparency 

When it comes to your pre-roll packaging, the transparency of your product should always be taken into consideration as this will allow consumers to see exactly what’s inside. In addition, craft paper is not clear like plastic but instead has a natural brown tint, which does not take anything away from the design and allows customers to view the contents of your package, making it easier for them to pick you out grab your product.

3. Moisture Barrier

We use an air-tight moisture barrier in our craft boxes because we want our products to stay fresh, and so do our customers. We want their first impression of our brand to be just as amazing as the last one, thus creating a long-lasting relationship with them, that feels great for both parties.

4. Environmentally Friendly 

craft paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which means you are doing your part to make the planet a better place, one pre-roll at a time.

5. Post-Consumer Waste 

Did you know that at least 70% of craft paper originates from recycled sources? That makes this container completely tree-free and, in turn, makes it easier to conserve our natural resources for generations to come.

6. Recycled Content & Manufactured Sustainably 

craft paper containers use up to 30% less energy throughout their life cycle compared with traditional packaging such as plastic bottles and aluminium cans (Soy et al., 2008). The company also uses water-based printing inks and glues, better for the environment.
In addition, all of their manufacturing processes are carried out at a zero waste to landfill factory.

7. Sustainable Product Life Cycle

The life cycle of a craft paper container begins with sustainable forestry practices. It also eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by being 100% recyclable and using recycled material for production.

8. Advanced Recycling Technologies 

As with every good eco-friendly company, they have an active recycling program, ensuring that no product is ever wasted, which reduces the number of new trees needed to be harvested for production.

9. Customer Service 

Whether you are a distributor or retailer, their helpful customer service team will guide you through the process of reordering and restocking with ease, so your supply never runs dry!

10. Availability in Various Sizes 

They come available in all shapes and sizes that fit into any existing dispensary packaging system without disrupting store operations or increasing costs associated with maintaining inventory levels.

What Do You Need to Consider for Buying Kraft Pre-Roll Boxes?

Before your dispensary settles on a certain type of packaging, it is important to think about the brand you are trying to implement into your business.
What type of items do you plan on selling in the future? It might be beneficial to stock up now before competition enters the market and becomes a supplier down the road.
Also, what will your target audience prefer? For example, do they prefer a certain color or shape? Remembering these small details can help make all the difference for future purchases.

Kraft Paper Pre-Roll Bags Are Ideal for New Dispensaries Starting Out

Suppose you’re just starting as a dispensary owner and want an affordable way to package pre-rolls without having to worry about aesthetics and maintaining a professional image. In that case, craft paper pre-roll bags are the best solution.

craft paper is known as one of the most affordable packaging options available today. craft bags are lighter than other materials like plastic and glass. They are easier to carry, which makes them more cost-effective.

craft paper is a good way to keep your products fresh longer. It is better than other materials like glass or plastic because it allows people to touch the product before they buy it. This will give you more customers, and they can try the product without opening the bag.

Packaging is a crucial part of the product that you are advertising. If your packaging looks cheap, it will make people think that your product is also cheap; however, if your packaging looks nice and professional, it creates higher brand awareness, resulting in more sales. Your clientele base will tell what type of person you are by the way you look at things like branding and packaging. This includes how you package pre-rolls.

The main benefit of craft paper over other standards like plastic or glass is that cannabis consumers feel what they paid for before taking it out of their bag without opening up a package or sacrificing product freshness. This allows them to keep their products fresher longer and keeps your pre-rolls safe from light, air and odour. Pre-rolled joints typically have a shelf life of around a couple of months with craft paper packaging box wholesale.

Conclusion Paragraph:

In conclusion, craft paper is cost-effective and still looks nice in branding and marketing value for cannabis pre-rolls. This means that, as a pre-roll business owner, you should think about this when you are in your company’s growth stage. If you choose to use craft paper for your pre-rolls, be sure to have a heat sealer on hand so that you can package them correctly and take advantage of all the benefits!
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