December 6, 2022



A yoga ashram is a consecrated place that is dedicated to the growth of spiritual practices in the field of yoga, just like studying the scriptures and meditation.

It is suggested that one lives in an ashram in India to acquire an understanding of the importance of yoga. We also encourage an ashram experience because we know that ashrams will grant you space to practice yoga more than any other.

Here’s a well-compiled list of ashrams in India.

Ammas ashram, Amritapuri

You really mustn’t be a devoted Yogis, to have become aware of Amma. Which is widely known as the “hugging saint” Amma journeys around the world to distribute her ethos of peace and love. But then her home is within Amritapuri, staying in her ashrams means that you’re likely to receive her darshan. This means a loving hug that’s said to transform the lives of the recipient.

Phool Chatti Ashram, Rishikesh

This is one of the most perfect ashrams for a short and deeper dive into the ashram. You can stay at the ashram for up to eight days and during these days, all aspects of a traditional Indian yoga ashram will be unfolded to you. It is highly suggested for beginners and long-time yoga practitioners who want to experience a little ashram life. Depending on the time of the year, the group may be full of Westerns or Indians.

Ayur Yoga Eco-Ashram

On our list here, we referred to this ashram as the youngest and the reason for this is because even though the teachings are acquired from the lineage of Hatha yoga or Ayurveda, the ashram space remains somewhat new. Ayur yoga Eco-Ashram is confined by about an 18-organic farm where one can learn yoga in a traditional environment. Notwithstanding that the ashram teaches traditional yoga, these teachings are adapted to fit the modern world.

Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

This peaceful ashram was found by a humanitarian and spiritual leader who goes by the name Sri Ravi Shankar in the year 1986 amid nature. The ashram’s quaint makes provisions for a peaceful atmosphere for yogic practices. Including, Asana, meditation, and other forms of yogic activities. Even though the ashram appears as a small city within a city. It is however circumnavigating in an environment that encourages you to go deeper into an inner investigation.

ICYER – International Centre for Yoga Education and Research Ashram, Pondicherry, entrance

This is not for short stays but rather for longer stays. A whole year of preparation is required before you can be permitted to go through the doors of this ashram. And when you’ve been admitted, the doors will be shut for six months. About two of a whole lot of students are taken each year. This is the nearest experience to the traditional tradition of ashram studying in India.

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

This is a genuine yoga experience located in a distant part and poor region of Bihar. You won’t have the chance to vacate the ashram as soon as you’ve stepped inside. Go there for an extended period. For most Westerns, it is a difficult experience, go there only if you’re eager ongoing into a fair yoga environment. You should surrender yourself to the rules there. The room doesn’t exist for your self-fulfillment but rather there’s more room for you to self-realize.

Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

Sadh guru (Jaggi Vasudev) is a very well-known yoga guru, having more than a million followers in India and gaining a lot of exposure globally. He has a very famous online presence as a guru. His online videos, especially are widely distributed. He constructed a whole yoga city close to Coimbatore of astonishing beauty where they carry out various courses which include teacher training courses, but yet the experience here remains contentious as it is with popular gurus that have the backing of a marketing and PR team. Isha Yogas popular programs include Isha kriya, inner engineering, and as well their yoga teacher training course. The participants are comprised of Indians and also Westerns. If you want to meet him privately, make sure to check his schedule as he travels often.

Kaivalyadhama Ashram, Lonavala

Swami Kuvalayananda in 1924, had an experience of the deep healing effects of yoga and then began to make detailed scientific research on the practice. His intention to view yoga through science was a path to clarify yoga, which was viewed as a mystic practice. He’s known as the yoga scientist and the founder of Kaivalyadhama. The ashrams make available short-term courses Teach training, and PG diploma in the areas of yoga and Ayurveda.

Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh

This ashram has a free policy that permits you to walk in and out as you wish to. You need not follow a strict procedure, but don’t stay for a long time, the first stay is 15 days.